Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a big setback, not only for the mother but for couple itself. Getting pregnant after a miscarriage is a highly emotional risk.

Each time the couple considers conceiving again, the grief and sorrow of the previous pregnancy prevents them from moving ahead. All these emotional situations can delaythe chance of becoming pregnant again, sometimes by a year or so.

Right Time to Conceive After Miscarriage

There is no right time for conceiving again. But it would be safer to try after 2-3 months when 2 or 3 periods occur normally. This will ensure that your reproductive organs have return back to normal and are again able to conceive. Butif you feel that your body is not ready to carry a baby, you can wait longer, according to your doctor’s instructions.

Chances ofAnother Miscarriage

The chance of another miscarriageis rare. Repeat miscarriages can occur in cases of serious complications. Otherwise, 80% of the women who have had a miscarriage give birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Symptoms after Miscarriage

After the miscarriage, you might still experience symptoms of pregnancy for a few days or weeks. This happens because the hormone levels will still remainhigh in the body for a while. Thehcg hormone levels take time to decrease. Once the hormonal levels stabilize, the conditions of morning sickness, breast soreness, tiredness and other such symptoms will automatically disappear.

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