Missed Miscarriage

Missed miscarriage is a condition in which the fetus dies but the mother’s body still carries on with the pregnancy symptoms. The condition of missed miscarriage or silent miscarriage can happen to anyone. Usually this condition appears before the pregnancy has completed 13 weeks.

The unusual thing about missed miscarriage is that it remains unknown until an ultrasound is conducted and confirms it. The absence of heart beat in the fetus or empty uterus can easily determine fetus loss. This kind of miscarriage is termed as missed miscarriage because you are unaware of the fact that fetus has stopped growing.

Causes of Missed Miscarriage

The causes of missed miscarriage include:

Abnormal Chromosomes:

Usually a miscarriage takes place cause of some kind of abnormal chromosomes present in the genotype. Actually, when the egg and sperm meet to form an embryo, both of them have 23 each which combine together to make a group of 46. In case any of these 46 chromosomes is not entirely correct, there is a chance of miscarriage.

Too Many Chromosomes Get Collected In The Fetus:

Another reason for missed miscarriage is the accumulation of too many chromosomes in the fetus. It happens when excessive, unnecessary chromosomes get collected in the fetus resulting in its death.

Growth Problems:

In a missed miscarriage, the fetus is not able to grow for a long duration of time. After a duration of 6-7 weeks, such pregnancies die off due some or other abnormality in their growth.

Rubella Infection:

Usually, the condition of missed miscarriage is noticed within the first few weeks of pregnancy. However, there are some cases that occur in the later stages that are sometimes caused by the presence of the Rubella virus. The presence of Rubella virus can be diagnosed with a blood test.

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