Complications Of Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Vanishing twin syndrome is a situation in which two fetuses exist in the early stages of the pregnancy, but after few weeks or months one of them disappears.

The reasons for the disappearance of these fetuses are not always clear. One opinion is that these fetuses die and are reabsorbed by the other twin leaving behind only minimal traces, so the condition is sometimes called fetal resorption. Vanishing twin syndrome generally occurs during the first trimester and the pregnancy can continue as normal. However, if the event occurs in the second or third trimester, it can cause many complications and put the health of the remaining fetus at risk of infection or lead to preterm birth.

Causes Of Vanishing Twin Syndrome:

The causes of vanishing twin syndrome may include:

  • Placental deformities
  • Improper cord implantation
  • Chromosomal defects
  • Older mother are more at risk

Symptoms Of Vanishing Twin Syndrome:

Usually vanishing twin syndrome does not pose any problems, however some women can have symptoms similar to that of a miscarriage with bleeding along with cramps in the stomach and pelvic pain. The level of pregnancy hormones also decreases which indicates the loss of a fetus.

Complications Of Vanishing Twin Syndrome:

The biggest complication associated with vanishing twin syndrome is the rate of mortality of the remaining fetus. In most cases of vanishing twin syndrome, the event happens in the first trimester of the pregnancy and pregnancy continues as normal. If it happens in the second, or even the third trimester then the life of the remaining fetus may be at risk of infection or the cervix may be blocked by the fetus that has not survived, which will necessitate a cesarean birth for the other twin. There is a significant chance of preterm birth for the remaining baby or babies when there are multiple fetuses.

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