Preterm Birth

Preterm birth or premature birth is defined as that condition in which baby is born before 37 weeks of gestational age. Preterm birth is condition is considered as the main cause for neonatal mortality. In case, the preterm babies are born successful, then are chances, that they can suffer from a number of short term and long term complications which can include impediments and disabilities in growth and mental development.

Risks For Preterm Birth Neonate:

Preterm neonates face a lot of complications as their development is not completed by the time of their birth. Some of these risks includes:

  • Some cardiovascular complications can occur as the ductus arteriosus fails to close after the birth.
  • A large number of Neurological problems can take place few of them can even be dangerous and can be fatal too. In some cases mild bleeding in brain takes place which results in some complications, but if bleeding in large quantity happens it results in brain damage or even leads to death.
  • Some kind respiratory diseases are very common in these babies like respiratory distress syndrome or chronic lung disease.
  • Complications related to blood are very common like anemia, jaundice etc.
  • Some infections are also commonly found in these babies these includes pneumonia, urinary tract infection.

Causes For Preterm Birth:

Some of the causes of preterm birth are:

  • Maternal Background:

    In case the mother had undergone several induced abortions earlier, or lacks in proper nutrition, has low BMI, or the diet lacks saturated fat and cholesterol or diet lacks vitamins and minerals in adequate amount.

  • Factors Related To Pregnancy Can Become A Reason For Preterm Birth:

    Sometimes transfer of embryo in case of multiple embryos can result in preterm birth. There are some induced factors like high BP, Maternal diabetes, heart disease, asthma, thyroid disease, depression, anxiety to mother can result in this condition.

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