Cytomegalovirus Infection ( CMV)

Cytomegalovirus infection is that virus which is transmitted to the developing child even before the birth. The injection o0f CMV is usually harmless and causes illness in a rare case. Those people who are healthy and acquire this disease after birth have few symptoms which can be treated in a span of time but no long term consequences are found.

Once the virus infects a person it remains in the person’s body in active form throughout the life but in a dormant form. There are basically 2 types of infection:

  • Primary Infection:

    This infection can cause serious problems in pregnancy as compared to recurrent infection.

  • Recurrent Infection:

    This kind of infection is not that serious as it arrives once the advanced stage has been treated so it not that dangerous.

Causes Of Cytomegalovirus:

This condition is caused generally in those people who have a very weak immune system. In this case, the virus will become active and cause CMV infection. Most of the people with this infection did not face much problems.

Symptoms Of Cytomegalovirus:

The symptoms of cytomegalovirus includes:

  • Fever
  • Person becomes exhausted
  • Swollen glands

How Does Cytomegalovirus Affects Pregnancy:

The ladies who are pregnant and are healthy are not at the risk of getting disease from CMV infection. The infection rarely have any symptoms but the developing baby is at great risk of getting congenital CMV disease.

CMV is considered as the most common cause for congenital viral infection. The rate of transmission of this disease varies from 25 – 75%. Out of the total 40% of the transmission only 10% gives the symptoms of congenital CMV once the mother gets infected with the primary maternal infection. There is a theory that those women who are infected with the disease 6 months prior to the conception, can get infected infants upto 1%, but such infants will show no prominent illness or abnormalities.

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