Childbirth Complications

Pregnancy which is not able to progress smoothly due some problems generally result in child birth complications.

Various Conditions Which Can Result In Child Birth Complications:

  • Prolonged Labor:

    Sometimes the duration of labor stretches for a longer duration. This is generally found in women are becoming mothers for the first time. If such condition takes place then it can be risk for both the mother and the baby.

  • Abnormal Presentation:

    This condition refers to the positioning of the fetus when the body of the mother is preparing for delivery. The correct position in this time is considered when the fetus drops down in the lower part of uterus. For labor to happen it is necessary that the head of the baby must be positioned with the head down, facing the mother’s back and chin struck to its chest and the back of the head must be ready to enter into the pelvis. In case this do not happen at the appropriate time then it could result in child birth complications.

  • Umbilical Cord Prolase:

    Umbilical cord is considered as the lifeline of your baby. As it provides the fetus with all the required nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s body through the placenta. In some cases this umbilical cord slips through the cervix just before or during labor. In such situations the baby gets preceded into the birth canal. This condition is dangerous as the umbilical cord can be blocked which will stop the supply of blood to the fetus in such case. This can prove to a dangerous situation which requires immediate medical attention.

  • Umbilical cord Compression:

    As the fetus a lot around in the uterus to there are chances for the umbilical cord to wind up and unwind a number of times. So there are chances of cord accidents during pregnancy period. These accidents are very rare and can not easily prevented. such accidents are sudden which results in sudden fall in the fetal rate.

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