Endometrial Ablation Pregnancy

Endometrial ablation is a treatment which is performed to treat heavy bleeding during menstruation. It is a small procedure which do not require hospitalization also. The method of ablation can be treated as an alternative for hysterectomy which an entire surgical procedure.

The procedure of endometrial ablation damages the endometrial lining. It is this damage that prevents further uterine bleeding. Once this procedure is carried out women will have very less menstrual bleeding.

But, the drawback of this procedure is that the woman undergoing this surgery do not become pregnant any more. This procedure can not be taken as a means of birth control as it has a lot of risks related in getting pregnant although it is very good for ablations.

Significance Of Endometrial In Pregnancy:

The development of pregnancy takes place when fertilized egg is implanted in endometrial lining of the uterus. Once the implantation of the fetus takes place in endometrial lining, the development of placenta also begins. Placenta plays an important role in pregnancy as it is the only means which carries all the necessary oxygen and nutrition to the fetus. So it requires the endometrial in a healthy form.

As the process of endometrial ablation hampers the endometrial lining itself so the placenta becomes difficult after this procedure. As the result pregnancy after this procedure also become difficult.

Pregnancy After Endometrial Ablation:

Once ablation is done, the endometrium is either removed entirely or badly destroyed. As the result it loses its capability of providing proper oxygen, nutrients and safe environment to the growing fetus. Since, the survival of pregnancy is not possible without a healthy endometrial lining so the chances of pregnancy after endometrial ablation are next to impossible.

Those women who wants to become pregnant must not go through this procedure, rather ask for alternatives from your doctor.

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