Third Trimester of Pregnancy


The third trimester is the last stage in the pregnancy term of nine months. This trimester is during the 7, 8 and 9 months or ranging from weeks 28-42. The characteristics of this trimester have been given below.

Trimester Month Week
First 1-3 1-12
Second 4-6 13-27
Third 6-9 28-42

Seventh Month:

The Baby

The baby start vigorous (powerful) kicking which is unbelievable. The baby starts growing rapidly in the third trimester.

Your Body

You might experience foot cramps due to lack of calcium. Vitamins should be taken in regularly. There would be swelling in hands and feet.

Eight Month:

The Baby

If the baby is born as premature, there are good chances for survival. You might feel a foot around your ribcage. At around this time, the baby is around 16 inches in length and is 4 pounds in weight.

Your Body

you might feel a bit uncomfortable around this month of pregnancy. You would feel ready to give birth to the baby. You may also feel short of breath. The old tired feelings would again return. If you don’t feel sleepy, put a pillow between the keens and sleepby your side. If the baby kicks you while sleeping, turn to the other side.

Ninth Month:

The Baby

This is the last month of pregnancy. The baby would approximately gain 2 pounds and measure around 19-21 inches long.

Your Body

There would sudden rise in your energy before beginning labor. You would have to go to washroom, more number of times. This is because the baby’s head drops in your pelvic area. When this happens, the labor is only sometime away.

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