Second Trimester of Pregnancy


Trimester as the name suggests is 3 semesters. Pregnancy has 3 stages (see table).

Trimester Month Week
First 1-3 1-12
Second 4-6 13-27
Third 6-9 28-42

Let’s read more about the second trimester of pregnancy in details. The second trimester starts with the fourth month.

At Four Months

It is quite exciting when you feel the baby’s movements during this month. Some women feel movement in the fifth month. The baby moves, swallows food and can also hear your voice. At that point in time, the baby is around 7 inches in length and 5 ounces in weight.

When you enter the second trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness should be lessening. If the sickness hasn’t lessened, you still might want certain kinds of foods to eat. You will also feel hungry. Now you are eating for two but you shouldn’t eat twice as much. You should only eat a little more than normal. You should also gain weight during this month.

The Fifth Month

While having an ultrasound during this month, if the baby is awake, you can also see the baby’s movements. At the end of the fifth month, the baby is approximately ten inches in length and a pound in weight.

You are high in energy now. The fatigue (tiredness) feelingsshould have disappeared. You will likely feel bloated. Another symptom is constipation. Drinking more water is helpful.

The Sixth Month

By the 6th month, the baby has become more active. It turns upside down and rolls from side to side. The baby also begins to suck it’s thumb. At the end of this month, the child weighs around one and half pound and is around 12 inches in length.

Pregnant women should rest as much as they can during this time. In this month, back pain is normal. This is because the baby begins to grow faster.

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