What are Fetal Dopplers?

A fetal Doppler is a handheld ultrasound machine which can be used for detecting the heartbeat of an unborn baby for use in prenatal care. This instrument provides an audible simulation of the heartbeat using the Doppler effect.

There are a few models which also display the heart rate in beats per minute. These models provide information similar to a fetal stethoscope. An important aspect of the fetal Doppler monitor is that it allows other people apart from the user to listen to the heartbeat. The disadvantage is that it is a complex machine with high cost and low credibility.

Digital Fetal Doppler
A normal fetal Doppler will not tell you the total count of your baby’s heartbeat. A digital fetal Doppler is considered a better choice as it displays the automatic heart beat count per minute. A baby’s heart beats very fast, so it can’t be manually calculated. A digital Doppler helps get the count automatically on a per minute basis. A good quality fetal Doppler will help you hear the heart beat from eight weeks onwards.

A digital Doppler works by converting the turning movements of the baby into sound. If you hear a fast heart beat there is no need to worry as the fast heartbeat is a sign of a strong heart. There are a few Dopplers that need the application of gel over the stomach and others that can be used directly on the stomach.

Using a fetal Doppler will keep you informed about the wellbeing of your unborn baby. You can either purchase or rent one quite easily.

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