Going Under Anesthesia For Labor

Anesthesia is a drug which results in the partial or complete loss of sensation. It gives relief from the pain of labor and delivery. Some commonly used types of anesthesia are discussed below:

Types of Anesthesia Used for Labor:

Use Of General and Regional Anesthesia During Labor:

The general and regional anesthesia puts the entire body and mind to complete sleep. Historically, every woman received some type of general anesthesia when giving birth in a hospital. Nowadays, it is reserved for emergency caesareans only.  After a patient wakes up after general anesthesia, they will be  disoriented, restless and may vomit in addition to having sluggish bowels and bladder.

Epidural During the Labor and Child Birth:

An epidural is an anesthesia which is injected directly into the spine. First, the epidural affects  the spine, and from there it enters the blood stream.   This injection will make the entire lower half of the body numb and the pain of the contractions will be diminished.

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