Painful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is beneficial for every mother and baby.  One of the hurdles that nursing mothers face is quite common: pain in the breasts while feeding. There are a number of reasons for the pain, all of which can be treated without weaning the child from the breast.

Painful breastfeeding takes place due to some kind of inflammation on the breast, noticed by the pain and red and warm skin.

Causes of Painful Breastfeeding:


Engorgement occurs when the mother experiences an intense fullness of the breast, which is due to the increase in the supply of blood to the breast along with swelling. This condition results in a painful breast for a few days.

Blocked Ducts:

The milk ducts can become blocked when the milk which is produced is prevented from passing into the nipples through the ducts. The blocking of the ducts can occur at any time of feeding. In this condition, the pain is confined to one area only. Redness will accompany tenderness.

Mastitis and Breast Abscess:

Mastitis and abscesses are infections of the breast in which excessive pain is experienced in the entire breast. Some other symptoms of mastitis include headaches, fever and other achy symptoms which can present as the flu.


This is a fungal infection which can result in painful breastfeeding.

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