Ginger And Morning Sickness

Morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting sensations which all women have during pregnancy. There are many herbal treatments which can taken to overcome it. Ginger is one. How to use ginger in treating morning sickness:

Ginger For Morning Sickness:

Ginger is best taken in powdered form. Add powdered ginger directly to water and drink it. This is the purest form of ginger and works very efficiently.

Ginger can also be made into a tea. Ginger tea is very beneficial in treating nausea. Just crush a few cloves of ginger and add to a hot water and milk solution. Or make a regular tea and add a strong ginger essence.

Ginger Tablets or ginger capsules are also available. if you have some difficulty in drinking powered ginger or don’t like the taste of ginger in your tea,then ginger tablets and capsules are next best.

Crystallized ginger is another form which is eaten like candy.

Ginger tea, ginger tablets, crystallized ginger are all sweeter forms of ginger while powered ginger is bitter in taste. Choose the option best for you.

Concerns About Using Ginger:

Although ginger is recommended as a morning sickness remedy during pregnancy, some women may find ginger interferes with blood clotting.  Check with your doctor if you are at risk for this problem, are on blood thinners, etc.

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