What Is Chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy is a condition in which the miscarriage occurred before the formation of the gestational sac. In this condition a missed period or pregnancy test followed by a menstrual cycle is the only evidence of the pregnancy. It is considered a very early miscarriage. An ultrasound test cannot detect a chemical pregnancy, because the ultrasound looks for a gestational sac that is not there. This type of pregnancy lasts for less than 5 weeks.

Causes Of A Chemical pregnancy:

The reason this occurs is unknown, as the pregnancy ends so early tissues cannot be collected. Some probable reasons include:

Chromosomal Abnormality:

It is a common thought that this condition arises due to the presence of some abnormal chromosome. This chromosome can be either in the egg or in the sperm.

Uterine Abnormality:

Any kind of abnormality in the endometrial lining or in the uterine or any kind of infection can result in a Chemical Pregnancy.

Hormonal Deficiency:

Some women who suffer from Luteal phase defects have hormonal deficiencies and could not carry the pregnancy any longer due to lack of required hormones.

Signs Of A Chemical Pregnancy:

Women who suffer a Chemical Pregnancy have had an early miscarriage and do not have any unique symptoms from other pregnancies.  The woman with a chemical pregnancy may have irregular periods or have had a positive pregnancy test followed by a menstrual period.  Other pregnancy symptoms will be present;  breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea and morning sickness, all followed by the return of a menstrual cycle with severe cramping and a heavier flow than a normal cycle.

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