Are Estrogen And Depression Related ?

Estrogen has been known to be one of the causes for depression in women. Depression begins with puberty and remains throughout the reproductive period of women. Observation has concluded that estrogen does initiate mood swings especially when these hormone levels are high.

As the levels of estrogen decreases after menopause, postpartum can linger. Although sometimes estrogen has been used as an antidepressant, it is still linked with depression.

Estrogen and Depression:

Depression and estrogen are interlinked as is evidenced by the effect of estrogen on the brain:

  • Estrogen increases the levels of no repinephrine in the brain
  • It decreases the amount of dopamine which is released from the brain
  • Estrogen has multiple effects on serotonin and also affects the levels of blood tryptophan( it is the amino acid which prepares serotonin)
  • It directly affects the production of neurotrophic factors. These are known as the brain’s own cell fertilizer and are directly involved in the mechanism of depression.
  • Estrogen also increases the levels of endorphin in the brain and the bloodstream.
  • Estrogen also has some relationship with melatonin which is the sleep regulating hormone.
  • Estrogen is also linked with a neurosteroid which affects moods.

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