Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows can be very beneficial for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy pillows are designed so they can easily harmonize with the changing shape of the body. These are very helpful in the later stages of the pregnancy when sleeping and sitting comfortably become challenging.

The heavy weight of the body can contribute to muscle aches and pain during pregnancy. The use of a pregnancy pillow makes it easier for the pregnant woman to ease pressure and to help support her body. These pillows increase comfort levels and also reduce the strains and tension on the back and the joints.

Features of the Pregnancy Pillow:

Pregnancy pillows serve two purposes at the same time. They support the lower back as well the growing stomach simultaneously. There is an adjustable velcro flap which allows the pregnant woman to adjust herself between the two maternity pillows. Some other features of the pregnancy pillow are:

  • It increases the comfort levels of the pregnant woman
  • It allows the user to sleep peacefully without any tension.
  • The pillows have convenient carrying handles
  • The size of the pillow measures 18 inches by 24 inches which is adequate for any woman to adjust
  • The pillows can also be used for support while feeding the baby
  • The pillows are made of 100% cotton fabric and contain 100% hypo-allergenic polyfill
  • They can be easily washed and dried
  • They are available in plus sizes and extensions can also be added if necessary

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