Panic Attacks and Pregnancy

Anxiety disorders are common during pregnancy. The “panic attacks” may occur before, during, or after the pregnancy.   They may be evidenced initially by feelings of inadequacy or the inability to understand the pregnancy process, problems relating to others, lack of self-esteem, etc. During pregnancy the levels of serotonin (a chemical which is produced by the body during times of worry and fear) become imbalanced in the brain. This triggers dramatic mood swings, depression and even physical symptoms. The effects of panic attack during pregnancy are not beneficial. They can affect the ability of the woman to cope with the family and also the birth of the baby.

Symptoms of Panic Attack During Pregnancy:

The symptoms of panic attacks during pregnancy can be identified:

  • Physical effects include: shortness of breath, increased heart-rate, dizziness and hot flashes
  • Psychological effects include: fear of losing control, fear of inadequacy and fear of dying.
  • As soon as you feel the attack, start breathing slowly. Take the breath in deeply, and then exhale it out slowly. Do this repeatedly until you feel relaxed. Relaxation is the best approach to ease a panic attack.
  • A nutritious diet is must. Make sure you eat an adequate amount of green vegetables, fruits, proteins etc. Lean meat, fish, egg whites, poultry, and beans are all very essential for keeping your mind and body efficient They help in producing the chemicals which are used for keeping the body temperature maintained.
  • Exercise is very necessary. Go for a walk or do some yoga, but physical activity is important for both the body and mind.

Tips to Control Panic Attacks During Pregnancy:

Get enough sleep and be sure you sleep soundly at night. This is how the body and mind repair themselves and recharge for the next day.

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