Progesterone Fertility

Progesterone is a vital female hormone which is responsible for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. It is the hormone which is secreted by corpus luteum (Latin for “yellow body”) in order to prepare the endometrium for the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Once implantation is done, the progesterone is required to prevent rejection of the developing embryo or fetus. Thus, it plays an important role in reproduction.

Importance of Progesterone Fertility:-

Some of the important roles which progesterone plays in fertility are seen here:

  • Levels of progesterone rise at the time of ovulation. This rise creates a fertile, healthy environment for the fertilized egg.
  • Progesterone also increases the temperature of the body for the whole period. This enables the appropriate atmosphere for fertilization.
  • Once the fertilization and implantation takes place, then progesterone is again triggered for maintaining an environment which could support the development of a fetus or embryo.
  • Incase fertilization does not take place, the levels of progesterone falls drastically and results in triggering the shedding of the endometrium. If implantation has taken place and progesterone levels fall, then it might result in the shedding of blood which means, sadly, a miscarriage.
  • Progesterone creates a fertile, warm environment in the womb which will promote the survival of the fertilized egg through healthy implantation.
  • Progesterone strengthens the endometrium and is responsible for sustaining the embryo throughout the pregnancy.
  • Progesterone prevents the shedding of endometrium before the actual time arrives.

In summary, progesterone is very necessary for pregnancy. The deficiency of this hormone can result in the infertility of the woman. In case of implantation, its importance increases one hundred fold. If at this point, levels of progesterone decreases then it can result in a miscarriage..

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