Laser Surgery For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the result of continuous stretching of the skin over a period of time. This is happens due to a pregnancy or due to the sudden gain of weight. When the layers of skin are stretched they are torn and are replaced by scar tissue or collagen.

Once the person loses weight and regains her original shape, a stretch mark is left behind. These scars appear like a pink or purplish thread which is found normally on the belly, thighs, breasts, hips, and upper arms.

These stretch marks do not cause any hazards to the health but gives an impression to the body that the woman feels is undesirable. There are many ways for removing these stretch marks such as special creams and even laser surgery. Laser surgery is one of the finest ways for the removal of these stretch marks and has minimum side effects.

Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks:-

The procedure is quiet simple, a ray of light travels along the stretch marks and the thin layers of the skin are removed. Once the treatment is done, the skin starts healing itself and the damaged tissues are healed with the new skin in a small span of time.

The time taken for surgery can vary from ten minutes to one hour. It also depends on the severity of the stretch marks and the area where the treatment is being done. If the scar is not severe it can be treated in one sitting, otherwise two to three sittings may need to be done to treat it completely.

The marks which are more recently formed are red, pink, purple, or brown in color and can be easily treated and have the highest success rates. Whereas, those marks which are old and mature, a white or silver in color, are more difficult to remove. However, the laser treatment can still reduce their appearance.

Side Effects of Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks:-

Laser therapy does not have much in the way of side effects but some of them which might take place are listed here:

  • Swelling or blister formation can appear on the treated area.
  • Change in skin color can be present but it is temporary. The skin can return back to normal with the passage of time.

These are not exactly the “side effects” per se, but the symptoms, which can be cured within a few days after the treatment. It is okay to contact the doctor’s office that did the procedure and inform him/her of your concerns.

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