Depression During Pregnancy

In any woman’s life, pregnancy is the most crucial and exciting time. Various feelings work together at the same time. She is sometimes happy and at other times there is a state of confusion, fear, stress, sadness or even depression. Do not fear, this is normal but the mother still needs a little extra care and support at this time.

Approximately 2- 30% of women tackle depression during their pregnancy, while 10% of the women suffer from severe or major depression. Depression is significantly present in pregnant women but is often not properly diagnosed as the world around her sees it simply as hormonal changes.

Depression during pregnancy is defined as a mood disorder. Mood disorders are generally considered as a biological illness that involves changes in brain chemistry. Actually, when a woman becomes pregnant, a number of hormonal changes take place that can change brain chemicals which in turn, can directly relate to depression and anxiety.

Causes of Depression During Pregnancy:-

Some of the major causes of depression during pregnancy are listed here:

  • Relationship problems.
  • Any history of depression in her family or personal life.
  • Treatment of fertility, if taken, can also cause depression.
  • Any previous miscarriage. This is going to be in the mother’s mind as she proceeds through her new pregnancy.
  • Life has stressful events and that stress can cause the mother to become depressed.
  • Any kind of complications in pregnancy can cause her to become depressed as well.
  • History of trauma or abuse. Abuse is never okay and if the mother is or was at any time a victim of abuse, she can be plagued with depression.

Depression During Pregnancy Can Cause Harm To Your Unborn Baby:-

If the depression is not treated in an appropriate amount of time, then it can cause harm to both the mother and her baby. In such a case, the mother will suffer from poor nutrition, possibly begin drinking, continue or begin smoking, and possibly entertain suicidal behavior; all these things can result in premature birth, low body weight of the baby, and developmental problems in the baby. Not to mention it is harmful to the mother and it will not just go away after the baby’s birth. Depression is a serious medical condition that needs ongoing treatment as soon as it rears its head. No one should ever assume that a pregnant mother is just having hormonal changes, it never hurts to go with her to her doctor and voice your concerns.

A woman suffering from depression has neither the courage nor the desire to take care of herself or of her developing baby, it is best to become a part of her support system and in effect, the baby’s support system.

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