Pregnancy Myths And Truths – Teen Pregnancy Myths

There are many myths regarding pregnancy. In spite of so much advancement in the medical field, there are myths, which can make first time mothers worried. Given below are a few such myths along with the facts regarding them.

Pregnancy Myths And Truths:

The myths and facts that are associated with pregnancy are as follows.

  • There is a myth that if the mother holds her hands above head then it will strangle the umbilical cord of the baby around its neck.  It is not true.
  • There is a very common myth that having sex during pregnancy will harm the baby. The fact is that you can have sex during pregnancy unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or any history of miscarriages.
  • It is a myth that the way a women carries her baby reveals the sex of the baby. The fact is that the gender of the baby is decided by the chromosomes.
  • A myth regarding pregnancy says that if a mother sleeps on her back during pregnancy then it will harm the baby.  It is preferred that pregnant mothers sleep on their left sides, but sleeping on her back will not do the baby any harm.
  • Another myth says that if the mother submerges or takes a bath in water then it harms both the mother and child. The fact is that there no such evidence.
  • There a myth that if a bird flies over your house when you are pregnant, then you will either have miscarriage or a stillbirth.  This is a superstition.
  • There is another myth that if your hips broaden up during pregnancy, then you will give birth to a baby girl. There is no truth in this theory.
  • Another myth says that if you have heartburn during pregnancy, then your baby will be born with a head full of hair.  No such connection has been made.

Teen Pregnancy Myths:

There are few mythswhich are associated with the teen pregnancy. They are the following:

  • It is a myth that if a girl is having her period, she cannot get pregnant. This is untrue because the sperm can remain active inside the vagina for as long as 7 days. So there is always a chance of conceiving.
  • It is also a myth that if you have sex for the first time, you cannot get pregnant.  Without protection you can become pregnant every time.
  • It is also a myth that if the girl takes a shower after intercourse,a pregnancy can be avoided.  Showers do not prevent implantation.
  • It is also a myth that if the girl sneezes for fifteen minutes after intercourse, pregnancy will not occur. Sneezing does not prevent implantation.

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