Dangers Of Using Acupressure During Pregnancy To Induce Labor

Acupressure for pregnancy has been in use for centuries now. It is considered a safe and natural way to begin labor at home. It begins the process of contractions and dilation, which result in the birth of a baby. As the process of labor begins at home, it reduces the delivery time and makes the birthing process easier.

Acupressure for Pregnancy:

Acupressure for pregnancy is a simple series of natural techniques used for inducing labor from home. With the help of acupressure, the labor period is shortened during the birthing process. This happens because by the time the woman reaches the hospital, the cervix has already become ready to dilate. If applied correctly, this has been a proven process to stimulate the natural contractions associated with childbirth.

Performing pregnancy acupressure does not require previous experience.  It is very simple to locate pressure points, and once you recognize them, it is very simple to stimulate labor pains. Stimulation of these points has proven to induce contractions in about 80% of women.

Acupressure for Labor:

Midwives and professional Doulas have been using it for a long time to induce labor. Acupressure gently begins the delivery process. Later, it alleviates the pressure pain and discomfort associated with going through labor. Maternity acupressure techniques help to increase blood flow, eliminate pain, and reduce stress on pregnant woman. At the same time it aids in contractions, dilation and provides for the arrival of the baby. Massage during labor includes various pressure points in the body to stimulate some other parts of body. It consists of gentle pressure applied with fingertips, the ball of the thumb, and sometimes a ball or elbow.

Dangers of Using Acupressure to Induce Labor:

There has been no report which could prove that the use of acupressure to induce labor is dangerous. It is considered one of the safest and quickest ways to induce labor. Acupressure is a natural way of inducing labor, so it is safe and healthy.

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