Pilates During Pregnancy

Pilates were designed to work out the whole body. A Pilates program can be altered to accommodate the special needs of pregnant women. Pilates during pregnancy is a wonderful way to tone muscles at such a crucial period. The objective of Pilates during pregnancy is not to increase the muscle mass but instead tone up the existing mass which she had prior to pregnancy. This will help in quickly losing the weight gain during pregnancy after the birth of the child. Pilates are very adaptable. Most of the Pilates exercises can be modified as the pregnancy progresses and the woman’s body and abilities change.

Pilates and Pregnancy:

Pilates is considered a simple and easy way for pregnant women to perform exercises. It is an effective way to prepare a mother before she gives birth to a baby. When a woman is pregnant, she finds it hard to exercise. But Pilates is the ultimate solution to this problem. It not only rejuvenates the mind but also strengthens the body, especially the pelvic, the abdominal, and the back muscles and builds endurance. Women use these muscles during their labor and delivery stages. Pilates also makes muscles lithe, thus making them flexible. Flexibility of muscles is necessary for giving birth.

Pilates provides the muscles stamina and the body a balanced posture. During pregnancy the muscles of the abdominal rectus are stretched out. By the end of pregnancy the ones on the sides of uterus are too. Maintaining abdominal muscle tone early in pregnancy will help abs to stretch more towards the end of pregnancy. Strengthening the torso, back and pelvic muscles will help in carrying the baby, especially in the ninth month. It will also make the birth of a child easier. A well-toned strong pelvic floor muscle will more easily stretch and easily allow the baby to pass through without tearing.

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