Perimenopause Pregnancy

The condition of perimenopause begins after the age of 50. Perimenopause is literally the period around menopause, the months and years preceding menopause and one year after menopause. Most doctors consider perimenopause as the beginning of menopause.

Hence, the symptoms of perimenopause start appearing ten to fifteen years ahead of menopause. The symptoms of perimenopause include the following:

Symptoms Of Perimenopause:

Shorter Or Longer Period Every Month:

This means that some women will miss a few periods and after that they will restart again. This indicates the arrival of menopause.

Less Sex Drive:

This means that the feeling of being sexually active will decrease. Due to hormonal changes your sexual intercourse may become painful.

Mood Swings:

This will occur more often during the perimenopause stage.


This will occur when the body produces less estrogen. Intake of oral vitamin B and other vitamins will help in counteracting the loss of estrogen.

These are a few of the symptoms which may or may not appear. The appearance of symptoms is genetic. So, if your mother had symptoms, you are liable to have them; otherwise, there may be no symptoms.

Pregnancy During Perimenopause:

  • Pregnancy is possible during the perimenopause stage.
  • Periods become irregular, so women may avoid using contraceptive pills during sex.
  • If a woman wants to become pregnant at this stage, she must be aware of the fact that ovulation occurs sporadically.
  • If periods are there, then it is a clear indication of the fact that ovulation is still taking place.
  • The “pregnancy safe zone” is when a woman hasn’t experienced a period for a minimum of 12 months during perimenopause.
  • Menopause and pregnancy can be co-existent.
  • Irregular periods do not mean the end of the pregnancy period.
  • Ovulation is still there, unless there’s been a 12-month period-free zone. If this happens, then the chances of pregnancy decline; otherwise, there are still chances.

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