Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

An Ovarian cyst is a structure that is filled with fluid, which normally cause no harm and shows no vital symptoms. Ovarian cysts are quiet common in women; even those who are not pregnant can develop them. The ratio of occurrence of ovarian cysts in pregnant women is 1: 1000. This means that 1 woman in every 1000 pregnant women will have ovarian cysts.

Effects Of Ovarian Cysts During Pregnancy:

  • Many ovarian cysts that are found during pregnancy are not malignant thus the chances of ovarian cancer are minimal. Your doctor can find it out if you have an ovarian cyst by doing an ultrasound.
  • Although ovarian cysts are not of much of a concern in a normal person, they can be of great concern in pregnant women. An ovarian cysts if it ruptures or twists in women who are pregnant, can cause pre labor pain or even lead to miscarriages.
  • Generally, ovarian cysts do not pose any threat until and unless they break apart and rupture.
  • If the cysts become too large and twisted, it is better to remove it by operation.
  • The best time for removing cysts is in the second trimester as it will not harm the fetus. In case it ruptures it can be a threat to the mother and can even lead to¬† a miscarriage.

Preventive Measures for Ovarian Cysts:

  • If you have ovarian cyst frequently you can have conception pills which will prevent pregnancy. Hence one of the ways for formation of cysts can be controlled.
  • Natural methods can be used to prevent the formation of cysts.
  • Pain in the pelvis can be reduced by keeping a hot water bottle or hot bag on the affected area.
  • Chamomile, mint and raspberry teas can help in reducing pain.
  • Caffeine is harmful for cysts as it can end up in rupturing the cysts.
  • Intake of fluid is of utmost importance as it reduces the chances of cyst formation.


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