Effects Of Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking is harmful. The risks to an unborn child when its mother smokes is far higher than the risks to the mother.

Doctors strongly urge women not to smoke during pregnancy as it has very harmful effects on the unborn fetus.

Some of the major ill effects of smoking during pregnancy are:

Low Birth Weight:

Women who smoke during pregnancy tend to have babies with very low birth weight. These babies are highly susceptible to ill health, weakness and many diseases.

Ectopic Pregnancies:

Smoking hampers the fertilization process causing the egg to fertilize outside the womb causing one to miscarry.


There is a higher risk among women who smoke to miscarry compared to women who do not.. A miscarriage has serious psychological consequences that can be very traumatizing. Other risks faced by a smoking mother-to-be include abnormal placental implantation, and vaginal bleeding..

Retarded Mental Development:

Women who smoke excessively during pregnancy have a higher incidence of giving birth to children who suffer from mental and psychological conditions including having short attention spans, hyperactivity etc.

Childhood Cancer:

Smokers risk their children as babies of women who smoked excessively during their pregnancies were more likely to have children with a higher risk of cancer.

Impaired Thyroid Function:

Smoking during pregnancy has been associated with impaired thyroid function in pregnant women. The thyroid is responsible for hormone production and an imbalance in hormone production can result in complications like miscarriages, premature birth and low birth weights.

The best thing that a woman can do for her unborn child is to quit smoking.

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