Snoring Is Harmful During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey with many ups and downs. Morning sickness, nausea are” downs” while a beautiful glow from feeling a new life within you is an  “up”. But research uncovered another phenomena not always associated with pregnancy and that is “Snoring”.

A woman may start snoring from the second trimester.

The major reason a woman snores is because of the extra weight she puts on during pregnancy, especially during the later stages. This is more so if, physiologically, she has a naturally large neck area.

However, snoring is not very good for the mother’s health as causes swelling and inflammation of the throat airway walls making breathing difficult. A woman may be healthy before pregnancy without a trace of asthma. However if she has excessive weight gain during pregnancy she may develop asthma.

Maternal asthma is a contributory factor to the development of snoring.

However, snoring during pregnancy can be avoided if the following simple steps are followed.
1) Avoid coffee and any caffeine related products.
2) Make sure you sleep on your side.
3) Prop your head up high so that there is a better breathing passage.
4) Do not cover your face while sleeping.

These are some tips that you can keep in mind which will be very useful.

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