Tips On Connecting With The Unborn Baby

Mothers establish a bond with their babies the minute they conceive. The unborn baby can hear the mother’s voice and does respond to it in the later stages of pregnancy. This is a beautiful experience every mother enjoys.

The child though unborn is aware of the voice, inflections and emotions of the mother. And when the child is loved and joyfully anticipated before birth it responds to its mother’s voice immediately after birth above the many voices and sounds it hears.

Here are some tips on how an expectant mother can develop a bond with her unborn baby.

1.    Massage Your Belly Smoothly:

And as you massage, talk soothingly to your baby. You may find it awkward initially but slowly you will get used to  talking to your baby.

Make Time:

Make time every day to talk to the little one in your womb. It is a beautiful experience and you will be surprised to see the baby responding to your voice. This is especially so when you begin to feel baby moving.

Play Soothing Music:

Music is a balm to the soul and its affects babies in the womb too. Listen to your favorite music often and as your body calms down, you will find baby quiet in your womb also.

Read Stories To Your Baby:

This is another way of communicating to your child. Read and sing to your baby all the time

Feel The Baby:

During the last stages of pregnancy as you gently press against your stomach you can feel the baby’s body, and sometimes the baby also pushes back when you press your tummy. Enjoy these experiences and continue to talk to baby especially if you already know if it is a boy or girl and more so if you have already chosen a name. Call baby by name when you talk to him/her.

These are beautiful ways you connect to your baby. The warmth and joy  is  overwhelming and should be experienced by every mother. Don’t wait for the baby to be born to enjoy him/her. Go ahead and experience the beautiful relationship with the babe in your womb.

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