Pregnancy Helps Fight Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Pregnancy is believed to lower the incidence of both Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

Research has shown that a woman who has had children has a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer when compared with a woman who has not had any children. Studies indicate that ovulation is linked with the incidence of cancer. Everything else remaining equal, a woman who is pregnant ovulates 9 times less than one who is not. This is a simplistic illustration but the risk of cancer is reduced the more children a woman has.

During pregnancy cells from the fetus are transferred from the fetus through the umbilical cord into the mother’s body through a process called ‘foetal microchimerism’. It is believed that these fetal cells contribute to lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Breast-feeding is also believed to contribute to lowering the risk of breast cancer. According to another study, breastfeeding delays the onset of ovulation.

Studies indicate the likelihood that pregnancy before the age of 30 years may reduce the incidence of cancer.

 Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for a woman and the benefit of reducing the risk of cancer is just a bonus.

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