Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Consuming large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can be very dangerous for your baby’s health.  Doctors warn expectant mothers to limit their alcohol intake as the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on the fetus are irreversible.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the many dangerous effects of an expectant mother’s excessive alcohol consumption. The central nervous system of the fetus is the most affected and susceptible to injury and damage.

What Can Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Lead To?

· Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can lead to behavioral and physical developmental problems in the baby.

· Children born with this syndrome tend to be born with small heads.

· Facial Features are somewhat Mongoloid where individuals have smaller noses, flattened cheekbones, deep set eyes etc.

· There is a higher incidence of epilepsy.

· There is a higher risk of Mental Retardation.

· There may be problems with coordinating fine motor skills.

· They find it a challenge to comprehend and/or learn new concepts.

· There is a higher incidence of poor socialization and problem solving skills.

· Some may lack concentration. Others may be stubborn or socially withdrawn.

· There may be developmental delay and in some cases the children may suffer from organ dysfunction.

Avoid the above by abstaining or strictly restricting your intake of alcohol while you are pregnant. Damage caused by excessive consumption of alcohol is irreversible. Therefore, it is very important that expectant mothers be very careful about how much alcohol they consume. If you are unable to overcome your addiction, you are advised to seek help.

There are many experts out there who are able to help you overcome alcohol addiction. The future of your child lies in your hands.

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