Headaches: Are these a Sign Of Pregnancy ?

When a woman falls pregnant, her body releases hormones that prepare her body to carry and nourish the new life within her.  Progesterone is one such hormone which prepares and maintains the uterus for the fetus. Progesterone prevents blood vessels from spasms. This reaction may cause bad headaches in pregnant women. The more sensitive a woman is to hormonal flow, the more likely she is to suffer from headaches.

Remember, however, that headaches may be caused by other factors like

Low Blood sugar level.
Loud noises

Lack of sleep

Tips for dealing with headaches caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy

1)  Go for morning / evening walks to relax and get some fresh air.

2) Drink lots of water.

3) Reduce exposure to pollution and dust.

4) Eat healthy food at regular intervals.

5) Avoid physically straining yourself

6) Explore techniques like biofeedback and meditation to see if they can help

7) Have someone massage your back, for 10-15 minutes to help reduce the intensity of the pain

Can one take medicines to reduce headaches?

Generally, pregnant women should only consume medication prescribed by their doctors.  These doctors would be in the best position to help the women determine what the cause of the headaches might be and to suggest appropriate measures and medication to alleviate the symptoms.

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