Why a C-Section Delivery Is Done

Recovery from a Caesarian delivery is very different from the recovery process of a normal delivery. A decision to get a C-Section done is often made at the time of delivery although in some cases it is decided beforehand.

Sometimes a C-Section is important and necessary for the following reasons:

1) When the baby is suffering from a known fetal illness or an abnormality.
2) When the baby is in breech (bottom upwards) or transverse position (sideways) making it difficult for a normal delivery.
3) When there are more than 3 babies.
4) When the mother is suffering from an illness and there is a danger of this disease being transmitted vaginally.
5) When the placenta is implanted so low that it blocks the delivery of the baby.
6) When the baby’s heart rate becomes irregular and he or she is unable to withstand a vaginal delivery.
7) When there is a danger of the baby’s oxygen supply being decreased.

8) When the baby is not moving down the birth canal because of the inability of the cervix to stop dilating.

Any of these factors can initiate a C-section delivery. The mother then is monitored closely for an hour, in order to ensure there are no complications from the surgery.

Painkillers are given to reduce pain around the abdominal area. Within 24 hours the mother is asked to walk around.  Walking helps improve the recovery rate and reduces occurrences of blood clots around the legs. Walking also helps relieve the build-up of gas that occurs after a C-section.

After a stay of 3-4 days in the hospital, the mother and new baby can be taken back home.


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