Fatigue During Pregnancy

Fatigue is one of the many trying symptoms a pregnant woman faces during her 9 months of pregnancy. This is because a woman’s body is busy 24 hours a day preparing for a new life.

Also, difficulty in sleeping during the night contributes to this fatigue. Hormonal changes and an increase in progesterone can also contribute to these feelings of fatigue.

By the end of the third trimester, a woman’s body is also carrying more weight. This contributes to discomfort and leads to insomnia and cramps.

There are several ways you can cope with fatigue during pregnancy. Some of the steps you can take up are:

1) Sleep More: A woman’s body needs lot of rest. So it’s advisable that a woman goes to bed as early as possible during her 9 months of pregnancy.

2) Take A Nap: Taking a short 15-minute cat nap  every now and then can also be very refreshing.

3) Eat Several Small Healthy Meals A Day: Eating light snacks every now and then, helps provide nutrition and helps fight off fatigue and tiredness.

4) Exercise Every Day: Exercising everyday also helps a pregnant mother fight off fatigue. No matter how tired pregnancy makes you, make it a point to go out walking or do a 15-minute yoga routine. It helps keep the body strong and allows you to deal with the pressures of labor.

5) Get Some Help: If you can afford to, get some extra help around the house.

Keep these tips in mind to deal with fatigue during pregnancy.

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