Lower Backache During Pregnancy

Lower backache is a common problem for pregnant women. However, you can avoid suffering from lower backache if some precautions are taken. Prevention is better than having to deal with lower backache, therefore it is important to be vigilant and take care of your back.

Here are some useful and important tips on how one can avoid lower back pain.

1) Start exercising at an early stage of pregnancy. There are some muscle stretching exercises you can do to be prepared for the stretching that happens during the later stages of pregnancy. Swimming is one exercise that pregnant women at all stages can do. The buoyancy of water greatly helps relieve the stress from the lower back. Also, taking the guidance of a fitness instructor can prove to be very useful.

2) Sit up straight to avoid backache. If you are in a job that requires you to sit for long periods, make sure you take frequent breaks. Take short walks and stretch out your back muscles.

3) Bend at your knees to pick things up, rather than bending at your waist.

4) Wear comfortable shoes. Avoid wearing heels, as they cause unnecessary back pain.

5) Pregnancy support belts also help alleviate lower backache by supporting the abdomen and helping with correct posture.

6) Pregnancy pillows provide great support to the abdomen and lower back and help reduce backache.

Keep these points in mind and you can avoid situations that cause you to suffer from backache.

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