Gaining Weight – A Healthy Sign Of Pregnancy

It is very important that a pregnant mother eat the right amount of nutritious food to gain a healthy weight. A woman will definitely put on weight during pregnancy and this is something that should happen, as it is a positive sign, indicating the baby is being provided with the right nutrients.

Where and why does a woman gain weight?

Baby’s weight:

The baby’s weight adds to the mother’s weight. Most babies tend to weigh 6-9 pounds when born. This is one major reason why a mother puts on weight.


The placenta is a structure that is attached to the wall of the uterus and helps nourish the baby. This adds a further 1-2 pounds.

Amniotic Fluid:

Amniotic fluid is the liquid in the uterus in which a fetus lives until birth. This adds 1-2 pounds.


The uterus is the organ in which the baby grows. With the growth of the baby, the uterus also expands roughly up to 2 pounds.

Breast Tissue:

There is a growth of 1-2 pounds of weight in a woman’s breast tissue.

Blood Volume:

There is an increase of 2 pounds in a woman’s blood volume during pregnancy.


During pregnancy a woman’s body is able to retain 4-5 pounds of fluid.

Fat Stores:

A woman’s body stores up to 7 pounds of fat, to help nourish the baby and provide the energy to breast feed after pregnancy.

Therefore, it is very important that a woman eat well during pregnancy. Dieting and extreme exercise are a big no-no. One can engage in exercise and fitness programs 6 months after delivering the baby. However, make sure that you go ahead only after the doctor has given his or her consent.

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