Cravings During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women go through a lot of hormonal changes. As a new life is growing within a woman’s body, every attempt is made to accommodate and nurture this new life.

Cravings are considered normal. As the body is working 24 hours a day for 9 months, trying to protect and nurture the growth in the womb, it is natural for the body to crave something in order to make up for the additional calories necessary.

Cravings during pregnancy can also be an indication of deficiencies in the body. Most of the time, these cravings arise due to iron deficiency.

Cravings that indicate anemia during pregnancy are:

1) Women who are pure vegetarians during pregnancy have an unusual craving for meat and non-vegetarian food. This indicates that the body needs iron to support the growth of the baby.
2) Cravings for undesirable substances and dirt especially, also known as “Pica”, again indicates anemia.
3) Craving ice cubes also denotes anemia.
4) Strange cravings like craving for paint, toothpaste, etc all indicate anemia in its severest form.

Cravings can be overpowering. Doctors find no harm if a woman indulges a little bit, for example, indulging in chocolates or ice cream.

However, giving in to a craving for harmful substances like paint, charcoal, eating detergent powder etc can cause great damage to the baby.

Scientists are still working towards finding out the exact cause for why women have strong cravings during pregnancy. However, they find it to be a normal phenomenon.

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