Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Weight gain is a normal and healthy part of your pregnancy. Gaining weight is necessary to provide a comfortable and healthy home for the baby for the next nine months.

Many pregnant women want to know what the ideal weight is during pregnancy. Honestly, there is no ideal weight. The necessary weight gain varies from woman to woman. There will be no ideal weight during pregnancy, just like there is no ideal weight for every woman. However, there are certain guidelines one can follow for healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Recommended Guidelines for Healthy Weight Gain

  • If you are of normal weight before getting pregnancy, you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds throughout your pregnancy.
  • If you are underweight before pregnancy, you need to gain more weight—normally 28-40 pounds—during your pregnancy. Your gynecologist can provide you with more specific guidelines.
  • If you are already overweight when you get pregnant, you need to gain about 15-25 pounds during your pregnancy.
  • Most importantly, if you are carrying multiples, you may have to gain even more weight—45 pounds or more. The amount of healthy weight gain depends on how many babies you are carrying.

The most important fact a pregnant woman has to keep in mind is to avoid dieting. It is necessary for you and your baby to eat a healthy diet during your pregnancy instead of dieting. A healthy diet means food from all the four food groups. It ensures that you will gain the right amount of weight during your pregnancy and makes it easier for you to shed pounds after the baby’s birth.

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