Teenage Pregnancy and Its Complications

If you’re young with a bright future ahead, pregnancy may divert you from some of your future plans. The stress of being pregnant and revealing your pregnancy to your parents can be nerve-racking.

Teen pregnancy may cause many health risks, and teen moms typically undergo more health, social and emotional problems while pregnant than moms who are older or who are more established. Premature labor and socioeconomic consequences are also the possible complications that arise due to pregnancy. Both the baby and mother will be at risk for failing classes or dropping out of school permanently, and physical or mental illness.

Pregnant teenagers may not take proper medical care and lack of prenatal caremay lead to unnecessary medical complications. These younger moms need understanding, medical care and education – particularly regarding nutrition and complications of pregnancy.

Pregnancy in teenagers brings various sorts of emotional problems. Many teenage mothers are facing unplanned pregnancies. Some feel guilty and anxious about getting pregnant while others want to have a baby to love. But those who want a baby may not be aware of the special care babies need. Depression is also a common problem during pregnancy. A pregnant teenager may even need the help of a psychiatrist to give proper advice for different emotional complications.

Generally teenage mothers may give birth to underweight babies. Poor eating habits, and smoking and drinking tendencies of the teen mother may worsen the situation. Lastly, a teen mother will be less likely to seek prenatal care.

Through open communication and education, unwanted pregnancy can often be prevented. Teen mothers should be provided guidance regarding contraception, sexuality, and risks and responsibilities of teenage pregnancy. Sexual education and family life in schools are also helpful to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Finally, support of family and love are very important for pregnant teens.

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