Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is divided into three distinct stages, which are normally referred to as trimesters. Each stage will last about 13 weeks. Here is a detailed description of events in each trimester:

First Trimester

  • It is important for your baby’s growth
  • This stage might be uncomfortable for you
  • Your body starts adjusting to the increase in hormones of a new pregnancy
  • You may experience morning sickness and moodiness
  • Your breasts start swelling
  • You will miss your period
  • Your baby grows from a small cluster of cells to an embryo, and will start developing eyes, ears, fingers and toes
  • Babies at this stage will be able to move their arms and legs
  • By the end of this first trimester, your doctor may be able to tell the sex of your baby

Second Trimester

  • Your belly and weight will grow as the baby does
  • You will begin to feel the movement of the baby
  • You may experience headache, dizziness and backache from the changes that are happening to your body
  • Morning sickness disappears
  • You may begin to retain water, joints like ankles and fingers may begin to swell
  • Your baby’s bones start developing
  • Your baby will be covered with a fine layer of hair called lanugo
  • Most pregnant women enjoy this period – morning sickness is over but they are not physically uncomfortable yet

Third Trimester

  • Your baby’s growth slows
  • Vital organs develop during this period
  • Fat begins to develop under your baby’s skin
  • During the last weeks, your baby begins to descend into birth canal
  • You may have gained 25 to 35 pounds weight
  • You will experience some fatigue and numbness in pelvic area
  • Urination will be more frequent
  • Your breasts may start to feel heavy and leak

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