Sexual Relations in Pregnancy

It is important for a pregnant woman to grow her relationship with her husband as much as she grows her unborn child during pregnancy. Many women are uncomfortable with their bodies during pregnancy. However, many are surprised to find their sexual desire increases during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester. This is due to the increased amount of blood in their pelvic and vaginal areas.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?
Sex is always safe during pregnancy if you have a low risk pregnancy with no or few complications. Follow the advice of your doctor about whether you should avoid sex for any reason. Most women can maintain a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship throughout their pregnancies.

Will I Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy?
Many women shy away from sex during their first trimester as morning sickness and fatigue are most acute during this time. During the third trimester, some women are very uncomfortable with how large their bodies have become, and that diminishes their sexual desire. Others may continue having intercourse up to their delivery date.

Will Sex Hurt the Baby?
The most common concern of husbands is that sex will hurt the baby. Some men fear that they will bump into the baby during sex. This concern is completely unfounded. If your husband is concerned, ask him to join you at your medical prenatal appointments. Your physician can offer reassurance to your husband that sex will not hurt your unborn baby.

Remember that pregnancy often turns into an emotional roller coaster. Try to keep communication with your partner open at all times. Some men find it difficult to be intimate with their wives even when they understand that they are not going to harm the baby. It’s mainly because they feel another presence in the room.

Intimacy Without Sex
It is possible to continue a loving relationship with your partner even if you agree to temporarily cease sexual relations. There are many ways both of you can share intimacy without actually participating in intercourse. Kissing, holding hands, massages, foot rubs and back rubs are all different ways to create physical intimacy with your partner.

The best way you can maintain a good relationship with your partner during pregnancy is to work hard at communicating with your partner. Always inform your partner of your needs. Let him know where you are coming from and also what you want and need from him. Be open to discussion.

Right Positions
You and your partner might wonder which positions are best to maintain a healthy sexual relationship during pregnancy. Your major obstacle will be your expanding belly. Keep an open mind and be creative. Most women find it uncomfortable to have sex in a missionary position after the first or mid second trimester. Try various positions such as from behind, woman on top and lying next to one another on your sides.

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