Preparing for Delivery

Now that you have confirmed your pregnancy, you have a whole new set of preparations ahead of you! This special occasion needs to be carefully groomed. Hence, a few things need to be prepared for to ensure that you relish this entire experience.

A few things to pack for the delivery that will ensure care and comfort are:

  • A nightgown: It is up to you to carry one of your favorite nightgowns or wear one that the hospital provides you. If you do bring your own, and are nursing, wear one that opens easily.
  • Socks or slippers: to keep your feet warm.
  • An extra pillow or two and a favorite blanket: It is better to take an extra pillow in case you dislike the hospital’s pillows. You want to make sure you get as much sleep as possible before bringing the baby home. If you have a favorite blanket, bring that along as well, although it is not necessary. Sometimes things from home provide extra comfort, but over-packing can be a burden.
  • A few personal care items: The hospital will have basic items for showering, but you will want to bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb or brush, and makeup if you use it.
  • A focal point: Keeping a photograph with which you are emotionally attached at times does a world of good to pregnant mothers. So, if you have a photograph that you treasure, keep it beside your bed. It can calm you.
  • Snacks: make sure that you bring some healthy snacks with you. Most doctors do not allow you to eat before the birth, but if you give birth after the cafeteria closes, you may find yourself very hungry until morning when it reopens.
  • CD player or iPod: More and more women are bringing their favorite music to hospitals to calm them before and during the delivery.
  • Good reading material: You may be waiting for the baby for a long time. Bringing some magazines or a book with you can help pass the time and distract you if you are nervous.

Every woman is different, so do not feel like you need to pack all of the above. Just make sure you have a bag ready with a list a few weeks in advance of the due date. This preparation can ensure that you do not forget anything important in the rush of getting to the hospital.

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