Pregnancy Relaxation: How to Relax during Pregnancy

During pregnancy it is common to find a woman feeling tense, anxious, stressed out, and overtired. Here are some techniques that will keep her mind calm and relaxed:


  • Breathing is one of the simple techniques that benefits both the mother and the baby during pregnancy.
  • Deep breathing eases muscle tension rhythmically, reduces the heart rate, and helps to induce a sound sleep.
  • Lungs should be emptied completely by exhaling breath through the mouth and keeping the cheeks relaxed.
  • Rest in order to avoid shallow and rapid inhalation. Shallow and rapid inhalation due to tension and anxiety increases metabolic rate, reduces the intake of oxygen, and leads to more stress.
  • In order to avoid this, either lie down on the floor or on the bed with legs shoulder-width apart. You can also rest on your side with a pillow between your legs for support.
  • Now close your mouth and breathe slowly through your nose, gradually filling your diaphragm and lungs with air.
  • Hold for one second and exhale through your nose.
  • Do this regularly.

Massage and Prenatal Massage
Massage is another method to keep away stress, reduce pain, and increase mobility. During pregnancy, pressure increases on the body, and it causes pain and discomfort. Gentle massage relaxes tense muscles.

Back pain is one of the common side effects of pregnancy, and it can continue even after pregnancy. Prenatal massage can relieve muscular tension along with back pain.

Some of the other benefits that prenatal massage offers are listed below:

  • Prenatal massage gives relief from edema.
  • Leg massage helps to reduce leg cramps and swelling in the legs.
  • It reduces anxiety during pregnancy.
  • It promotes deep sleep and helps to prevent pregnancy related insomnia.
  • Pregnancy massage relaxes the baby as well.

Lots of care should be taken during the massage session as massaging in the wrong areas can result in contractions. Find a professional masseuse who specializes in prenatal massage. Massage therapists trained in prenatal massage know the areas that have to be avoided and have to be carefully massaged.

Yoga and Stretching
The third technique is yoga and stretching. It helps to relax, keep toned and flexible during pregnancy. There are gyms specifically designed for pregnant women. And, if you are not interested to go to gym, you can stretch on your own daily by simply moving neck and shoulders, back, waist, calves and hamstrings. By gently stretching muscles during the day and before going to bed also helps to get good and sound sleep.

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