Pregnancy Health and Fitness

Pregnancy brings so much joy to the couple and their family. At the same time, it can also cause innumerable health concerns for the mother and baby. Pregnancy is really a blissful event in a woman’s life, especially if she has had a hard time trying to conceive. So it is important to take some precautions for health maintenance.

Here are some tips on how a pregnant woman can take better care of her and her baby’s health:

Eat a Nutritious Diet
Many mothers think that they have to eat for two when they are pregnant. But this is not true. What is needed is a nutritious diet that can supplement the needs of the mother and the baby. According to research, a pregnant woman needs an extra 200 to 300 calories per day. Of course, junk food should be eaten in moderation during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman should take a vitamin supplement containing folic acid before conception as well as during early pregnancy. Folic acid is a micro-mineral found mostly in green leafy veggies. When 400 mcg is taken daily before and during early pregnancy, it reduces the risk of babies born with neural tube defects.

Get Rid of Your Vices
A pregnant woman should definitely avoid smoking and drinking. Nicotine from cigarettes and alcohol harm the growing baby. Research shows that babies born from smoking mothers are at risk of a lower average birth weight, premature birth, and death from sudden infant death syndrome. Caffeine is another substance that should be avoided, or at least limited.

Take Precautions
A pregnant woman has to make sure that she is immune to certain diseases that might affect her pregnancy, such as rubella or German measles. Knowing her blood type also helps a pregnant woman to prepare for any medical condition that she may encounter during her pregnancy.

Do Regular Yoga and Exercise
Yoga and exercise keep a pregnant woman and her baby fit. However, a pregnant woman should consult her doctor before starting any exercise routine. Exercise helps a pregnant woman to improve her muscles’ endurance. Stretching also can help a lot. For all of these activities, an ample amount of precaution is necessary.

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