Pregnancy Fitness Advice

Pregnancy is indeed a difficult phase. One has to take a lot of precautions to ensure that the baby born is normal and healthy. The expectant mother should be careful about how she moves physically, her diet, and her psychological health. She has to make sure that whatever she does, does not affect the delivery process. Any faux pas can lead to delivery complications and an unhealthy baby.

How to Keep Fit While Pregnant?
One way to keep fit while pregnant is to exercise. Even a pregnant woman can exercise. In fact she should follow an exercise regimen regularly. She must undertake low-impact exercises that require moderate exertion.

  • Exercise promotes tone, strength and endurance during pregnancy. It prepares you for the physical challenge faced during labor. It also helps to get the body into shape after pregnancy. Exercise can also help you to sleep better as you need the rest.
  • Exercises such as swimming, walking, dancing, and cycling are enjoyable activities for pregnant women.
  • Exercises that involve playing games such as kickboxing, soccer, basketball, or ice hockey should be avoided, as the pregnant woman can get hit in the abdomen.
  • Horseback riding, downhill skiing, and gymnastics are not advisable as the pregnant woman can fall.
  • Scuba diving is also not recommended as it can create gas bubbles in the baby’s blood that can lead to health problems.

Diet- The expectant mother should consume a proper diet. She should eat right and ensure that what she eats is good for the baby as well. More calories are required during pregnancy, and if she exercises, then she requires more. Keep in mind, however, that most doctors recommend an extra serving of fruits and vegetables only. Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat in excess.

Avoid alcohol- The pregnant woman should not consume alcohol as it is not good for the growing fetus. The child could be born with birth defects and developmental problems.

Drink plenty of water- Pregnant women must be careful to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water.

Wear comfortable clothes- One must wear clothes that are airy, provide comfort, yet fit properly. Tight fitting clothes are not advisable.

Attend Regular Doctor Visits- A pregnant woman should see her doctor regularly and if any problems crop up they should go in for a check-up immediately. Tests can be conducted to ensure that baby is doing well.

Pregnancy is a time when women should be extra diligent about their health, not only for the sake of the baby, but also for their own health.

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