Pregnancy Facts

There are many pregnancy myths spread in many countries. But in reality there is no scientific evidence to these myths. Here we will discuss some general myths and the actual facts regarding pregnancy.

  • There is a belief that standing on your head after making love increases the chances of pregnancy. It has no proof. Instead experts say that lying down after sex for 20-30 minutes can increase the chances of pregnancy.
  • Some people believe that one can guess the gender of the baby through the height and shape of woman’s stomach. They believe that a woman who carries a boy has a low belly and one who carries a girl has a high stomach. But, in reality, the shape and height of a pregnant woman’s stomach will be determined by uterine tone, muscle tone, and the baby’s position. Getting an ultrasound is recommended to know the gender of the baby.
  • There is a myth that there is an association between shape of a pregnant woman’s face and gender of the baby. A pregnant woman gains weight differently during the pregnancy period and their skin also changes accordingly.  One cannot guess the gender of child just by looking at the face.
  • Some believe that taking a bath is unsafe and unhygienic.  They believe that tap water that enters the vagina may contaminate the pregnant woman. Actually, good hygiene is quite necessary during pregnancy.
  • Many women don’t begin exercising as they are not doing any exercise prior to pregnancy. This one has some basis of truth as it can protect the pregnant woman from injury. If a pregnant woman has plans to start a pregnancy exercise, it is advisable to seek the advice of a healthcare provider. It is suggested a pregnant woman join in a prenatal exercise or a yoga class. It not only makes you physically fit but also helps build a support group and a future social network. It is healthy if a pregnant woman takes a walk for 30-40 minutes everyday with a light exercise session after physical activity.

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