Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is the conventional type of delivery during which the mother delivers the baby vaginally without the involvement of any surgical measures. A cesarean, during which the baby is delivered via surgery, is not a normal delivery.

Vaginal delivery
A vaginal delivery occurs when a baby is born through the vagina (birth canal). This is also called a natural delivery.

During a vaginal delivery, the physician will assist the fetus’ head and chin out of the vagina when it becomes visible. Once the head is out of the vagina, the physician usually rotates the fetus to the side and eases the shoulders out, followed by the rest of the body.

After the delivery of the baby, the mother is asked to continue to push during the next few uterine contractions to deliver the placenta. Once the placenta is delivered, the episiotomy incision is stitched, if there is an episiotomy (a small incision to allow room for the baby to come out). The mother is sometimes given oxytocin (a drug administered either by an injection into the muscles or intravenously that is used to contract the uterus) and the uterus is massaged to help the uterus to contract, and help prevent excessive bleeding from occurring.

What happens during a vaginal delivery?
During labor, your uterus will contract (squeeze) to move your baby out of your womb (uterus) through your cervix (opening of the uterus). Your cervix will open to about 10 centimeters (nearly four inches) to let your baby pass from your womb into your birth canal.

Generally, the labor is divided into 3 stages – first, second & third.

First Stage:
It starts from the beginning of true labor pains and ends with full dilatation (opening) of cervix. The average duration is approximately 12 hours in first pregnancy & 6 hours in 2nd or more pregnancies.

Second Stage:
The second stage starts from full dilatation (opening) of cervix and ends with expulsion of the fetus. Its average duration is 2 hours in the first delivery & 30 minutes in 2nd or more deliveries. This stage includes downward movement of the fetus and delivery of the fetus through the birth canal.

Third Stage:
This begins after the expulsion of the fetus and ends with expulsion of placenta and membranes. Its average duration is 15 minutes. The pain stops for a short time. However, intermittent discomfort in the lower abdomen re-appears, corresponding with the uterine contractions. Placenta is expelled by “bearing down” efforts or manual manipulation.

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