Newborn Baby Care

Once the baby’s delivered, the baby-care phase begins for you as a mother. Initially as a young inexperienced mother, you may feel nervous and worried about newborn management. But nowadays, you can always get all the help and assistance from either the doctor or caretaker. And soon enough you would be confident enough to manage independently.

All the same, it is important to follow your doctor’s advice and take care of yourself during this time. You should take ample rest and not try to do too much.

For all the patience and perseverance, your motherly instincts would make you take care of your baby that bit more. But then there are a few things you must attend to with regard to your baby’s care.

Use Cotton
It is preferred that you use cotton cloths to avoid unwanted skin allergies. Cotton ‘breathes’ and would also ensure comfort for your young one.

Warm and Dry
You should try as much as possible to keep your baby warm and dry to prevent heat loss.

Use of Oil
While using oil for massage, you should ensure that oil does not enter ears or nose of the baby, as it could cause serious damage and infection.

Avoid Home Parenting

You should not resort to home remedies. These  should  not be given even for minor problems. Consult your doctor as soon as you feel something is wrong.

Your young one is tender and there are chances in a bid to give extra care, you could injure him. For example while massaging, avoid applying excess pressure. In other words, avoid harsh body massage. Oil applied gently before bath is good enough.

Avoid Using Strong Cosmetics
Soaps and cosmetics with strong smells should be avoided. Mild soaps should be used. The chemicals might be too strong for your young one’s tender skin. These may lead to skin allergies and rashes.

Feeding the Baby
It is most advisable that you give milk alone till the baby is at least 4 months. One could say that breastfeeding is the best for of feeding!

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