Name Your Baby

When you know you are going to be a parent there will be no bounds for your joy. And, at the same time, the next thing that flashes into your mind is – choosing the best name for your baby.

How Important is the ‘Name’
A name is something that will stick with your child their entire life.  So, make sure you choose a name that distinguishes your baby from the crowd. The name of your baby should have some magic in it, some tone in it, and some rhythm in it.

More importantly, people will respect your baby or tease your baby with the name. And, also remember that if your baby doesn’t like the name you choose, he or she will blame you for a lifetime. So, you need to put some extra efforts to choose an attractive name for your baby.

Choosing the Best Name
First step in choosing a baby name – you and your partner sit and decide on whether you want to go for a popular name or select a unique baby name. If you want to choose among the popular names then you can get books like “top 100 baby names”, “baby boys’ names” and “baby girls’ names” in the market. You can also use the Internet for finding interesting baby names. You can choose the best one you like from them.

But if you want to select a unique name, you need to put an extra effort in thinking and selecting the best one. Your friends and family members can be of great help to you in this effort.

The second step is preparing a list of names you both liked, whether it may be popular names or unique names. Then, select the best name you like. And, also don’t forget to know the meaning of that name.

The third step is after selecting the best name, discuss  it with your close friends and family members. They can help you in making modifications, if any are necessary. At the same time, don’t lose your individuality because at the end of the day, you both are the ones who are going to call your baby most times.

Best way to choose baby name
You and your partner should research independently and write down the names you like along with their meanings. Both of you use the same resources to choose names. After your selection is over, both of you sit together and find the names common in both the lists. From among the ‘common names,’ select the best one for your baby.

Important note- the name you choose should match with the surname perfectly. When your baby is called with full name there should be some attractive musical rhythm in it.

Top Ten Baby Names for Boys and Their Meanings:

  • Michael – who is like God
  • Joshua – savior
  • Matthew – given or reward
  • Andrew – manly and brave
  • Joseph – addition or increase
  • Ethan – solid and strong
  • Anthony – flower and also priceless
  • William – helmet, protection
  • Ryan – little king
  • David – beloved or dear

Top Ten Baby names for Girls and Their Meanings:

  • Emily – industrious
  • Emma – whole or universal
  • Madison – gift or strong fighter
  • Hannah – gracious and merciful
  • Olivia – a symbol of peace
  • Alexis – helper or defender
  • Elizabeth – oath of God
  • Samantha – listener
  • Sarah – princess
  • Grace – God’s favor

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