Mother Care

Soon after the baby arrives, it is natural that all your energy and attention will be focused on the care and comfort of the baby. You may consciously want to focus on the baby, but in the process you might be ignoring your own health.

In spite of your busy schedule, you will have to make time to take care of yourself. After giving birth, your physical and psychological undergo a healing process, and thus it becomes a pre-requisite that you pay attention to it.

During the initial weeks after delivery, it is best to accept all the help you can get in doing the various chores around the house

It would be ideal if you could get your mother, mother-in-law, any relative or friend to stay with you for at least the first month. If you have a relative or a friend staying with you, the pressure on you will reduce considerably, as they will pitch

Here is a Few Tips on Coping with Those Initial Days:

  • You should take breaks from taking care of the baby as often as possible. Don’t feel guilty about doing this, as it is necessary for your well being.
  • Have your meals regularly. Intake of food is equally important, for its on your nourishment that the health of the baby depends to a
    great extent.
  • Include as many fresh fruits and green vegetables in your meals as possible because they provide you with important proteins and vitamins.
  • If friends and family are willing to take over some of your chores, allow them to do so.
  • Your night’s sleep will be disturbed in the initial days, do learn to sleep whenever your baby sleeps
  • This is a period of great emotional upheaval. Talk to people who can help and will support you: A mother, friend, doctor or anyone who will give you a patient hearing
  • If there is a local support group for new mothers, it would be a good idea to join it or at least attend a few meetings

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