Hair-loss During Pregnancy

Pregnancy means hair loss and many women face the trauma of losing beautiful hair. Bodily changes take place during pregnancy and losing hair during pregnancy can be unavoidable for most women. Changes in estrogen levels cause hair loss.

How to Minimize or Prevent Excessive Hair Loss

  • Share your concerns with the doctor. The problem could be due to fluctuating estrogen levels. The estrogen levels will be examined by the doctor in case of excess fluctuation.
  • Additional vitamin or mineral supplements may have to be taken. Prenatal vitamins can help slow hair loss as well.
  • Reduce anxiety as stress is a major cause of hair loss.
  • Eat a proper diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid too frequent hair washing.
  • Have your doctor check your thyroid levels.

Feeling Attractive during Hair Loss
Sometimes a shorter hair style can make your hair look fuller and less weighed down during hair loss. A new hairdo could make you feel better and more confident throughout your pregnancy.

Certain shampoos, conditioners, mousse and hair serum can be used for ensuring thickness of hair. For example, shampoos that contain biotin and silica can be used. Barrettes and clips can be used to make the hair behave better as well. Hair is delicate when it is wet, so avoid fine tooth combs and be gentle while combing. If using blow-dryers, then use cool settings to avoid damaging the hair that is left.

Sometimes herbal treatments can improve the condition of your hair. It can improve the condition of the follicles, remove the blockage of the lumen in the blood vessels and correct the blood supply to the hair.

One should remember this is temporary loss of hair and that hair can grow back again. So taking good care of it during pregnancy may help avoid further unnecessary damage.

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